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Too many home buyers feel like they’re working with a mortgage company that doesn’t understand or listen to their needs. At FirstBank, our mortgage company in Dickson, TN knows that our job is only finished when we’ve helped you get to a better place. That means hearing your specific needs is our top priority.


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Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, or you have more home buying experience under your belt, the first thing you need in a mortgage lender is a listening ear. When we hear your needs and desires, we can work together to meet them.


As you go through the mortgage process, your knowledge and understanding will grow. We know that the information you learn goes a long way. Every bit helps you make the best decisions. You’ll learn the difference between a VA, FHA, or Conventional loan, and how all the other parts of the loan process help you.

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You’ll have access to your dedicated loan officer throughout the entire mortgage process. That way, you can feel comfortable to ask the questions you need answered. The same people you meet and talk with are the mortgage professionals who complete all the paperwork needed for your loan. We believe that there’s no one better to finalize your loan than the people who understand your needs.

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There’s no time like the present to start on your way to a better place. Call our FirstBank Mortgage experts in Dickson, TN today at (615) 446-4445 or apply online today. Let’s get started as soon as possible.

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