Lydia Smith

NMLS ID # 68670

Memphis, TN


(901) 801-5610

(901) 691-2409


Lydia Smith prides herself on being “Your Trusted Mortgage Banker”. She has a Master Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Biology. With over 30 years in the mortgage industry she has served in the capacity of Senior Loan Officer, Operations Manager, Sales Manager, Underwriter and Executive Vice President.

Her expertise is providing a thorough quantitative and qualitative financial analysis to ensure the proper mortgage product is aligned with the customer’s needs. Staying abreast of mortgage lending laws and providing timely ongoing communication so her clients are always provided the epitome of customer service has contributed to her success in the mortgage industry.

She is a strong advocate of every deserving family achieving the goal of home ownership. Her experience with Project Management and Time Management provides the confidence of knowing loans will close on time. All parties to the loan are provided a Projected-Time-Line-To Close to ensure all parties to the loan work together in a collaborate effort to ensure a timely closing.
“Your Trusted Mortgage Banker” is here to serve you.


All potential homeowners who have not owned a home in the past three years are considered as First- Time Home Buyers (FTHB). FTHBs who are considering utilizing government funded down payment assistance programs may be required to attend a HUD approved home buyer education class. This reinforces the responsibility and accountability of home ownership to aid in maintaining the upkeep, the value, and timely mortgage payments on the newly purchased home.

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