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Mortgage Banker

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Bradley was super responsive, easy to communicate with, and very knowledgeable. Plus he got us the best rate to top it all off! Highly recommend anyone to work with hum.
Rachel T.
Knoxville, TN
I became a FirstBank customer because one of your branches is in the same building where I work. I was simply looking for convenience. That "convenience" grew into a home loan. Bradley helped me with it all and was so responsive that I was comfortable with the many decisions that had to be made.
Sam P.
Knoxville, TN
Thanks for being responsive and making a smooth transaction!
Jessica Mrozik .
Knoxville, TN
Great rate for my clients. Smooth process all the way to closing.
Karen Callaway .
Knoxville, TN
Bradley went out of his way to help me find a mortgage that would fit my situation, I wouldn't be a homeowner without his help and advice.
Jackson C.
Knoxville, TN
Yes, I will. In having to take the Freddie Mac class.... I was given the wrong information for the class. After working two and three hours a night on this class for a week at least if not longer. I was at a point where I was 95% complete.... I had a problem on a page where I was to enter information and my phone would not allow me to put a cursor there and type in information. So when I asked for help & explain my situation I was having. I was given an 800 number for Freddie Mac. So I called and spoke to the people there. I explained my situation and frustration about taking this class that had gone on for 2 and 3 hours a night for over a week. The customer service person Jimmy told me I was in the wrong class area. He gave me the correct Freddie Mac tutorial to go to. And he said it should take an hour or a little more to complete it. I had been working in a credit essentials section. Anyway I went to where Jimmy said to go I found a particular class I needed to be in. However I was quite surprised when the entire class was read to me. And it was longer than an hour and a little more the first night I worked five and a half hours on it listening to the people read to me. Then finished it up the next day because my phone was down on 13% tonight before. However I do have to say the people that were reading to me or not boring at all and they did not put me to sleep.. What would have made it better... Being in the right class at the first time.
Kathy V.
Friendsville, TN
Bradley communicated through every step of the way. He made sure the process was simple and stress free.
Alicia B.
Maynardville, TN
I think we could have been updated more throughout the process and provided closing instructions a bit earlier. But, overall, a good process.
Ryan B.
Winston Salem, NC
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Nicholas M.
Knoxville, TN
Bradley provided outstanding guidance thru the entire process. When I had questions he was always available to help through text messages and phone calls. I will be contacting Bradley if I need banking services in the future and would highly recommend this young professional. Excellent customer service. Regards, Thomas DaRoja
Thomas D.
Dunlap, TN

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Bradley Pruitt
Mortgage Banker