Helping Others Get to a Better Place

At FirstBank Mortgage, our core purpose is to help other people get to a “better place”.

That “better place” may be the fulfillment that comes by helping to pay for their kid’s college tuition, helping with medical bills of a family member, or going on that vacation that they used to think was impossible.

That “better place” may be getting out of an apartment complex and into a home with a fenced-in backyard and swing set so their young daughter feels safe.

That “better place”  may be for a single mom, who is willing to sacrifice every luxury she knows, to buy a home in a zip code that virtually ensures her children’s education.

That “better place” may be a home which will serve as the backdrop for family memories for generations to come.

Our purpose is to help others get to a better place and we proudly strive to honor it every day.


History of FirstBank

FirstBank Mortgage, a division of FirstBank, was created in the mid 1990s.  FirstBank, chartered in 1906, is Tennessee’s largest independently owned and operated bank with 57 locations across the state and nearly $3 billion in total assets. To learn more about FirstBank, please visit firstbankonline.  

In 2002, FirstBank Mortgage began expansion into the Nashville and Chattanooga areas.  Four Retail Lending offices in the Tennessee market were added in 2011. The acquisition of Henger Rast Mortgage in June of 2011 expanded the footprint to Alabama and Georgia.  Today our team has two dozen locations with representatives in Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia and has grown from a $100 Million originator in 2010, to nearly $3 Billion in 2015.

FirstBank Mortgage Bankers are dedicated to building enduring relationships by providing a home lending experience unmatched in personal service, professional excellence, and complete client satisfaction

By providing in-house underwriting, closing, and funding, we uniquely manage the entire loan process under one roof.  Whether Conventional, FHA, or VA, FirstBank Mortgage offers loan options for home purchases, refinances, renovations and investment properties.

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